Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)

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ICCS possesses strong expertise in computer architecture and large scale parallel (HPC) and distributed systems (Big Data, Cloud and P2P infrastructures). Its members have performed research and development both at the higher level of algorithmic design and applications’ optimization as well as in the assembly and operation of such systems with a tradition spanning more than three decades in the implementation, optimization and operation of systems at all scales. ICCS employs experienced staff in administration, training, consulting and development, and has been heavily involved in the implementation of several National and International Research projects on HPC, Cloud computing, Big Data, applications, etc.




ICCS is heavily involved in several HPC-related EU projects, namely EuroEXA (project Coordinator), HIDALGO, CYBELE, REGALE (project Coordinator), Optima. ICCS is also involved in other projects related to large-scale systems (Cloud and Big Data), namely, CELAR, E2DATA, ACTiCLOUD, ELEGANT, DAPHNE.

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