HPCNow! provides its customers with solutions and technologies for dealing with most complex problems in High Performance Computing Science. The company has experts in several fields, capable of providing services which cover multiple areas such as cluster design, supercomputer administration and user support.

HPCNow! offers a wide range of services in all our activity areas, including consulting, system installation and administration, technical and scientific support, and training. Our service portfolio is specifically designed to help our customers meet all their needs during the life cycle of their computing and storage systems. Our services are based on our technicians’ proximity, trustworthiness and accessibility. At the same time, due to our high degree of specialization and extensive experience, we offer extremely high-level management and support services, and the support cases are directly assigned to the person or team with the abilities to address them.

HPCNow! is a consulting business mainly working in supercomputing. We stand out from our competitors by offering our extensive knowledge and expertise in HPC. We have worked and collaborated in this area with many companies and institutions in several sectors:
pharmaceutical, biotechnological, chemical, meteorological, automotive, aeronautical, banking... Our experience also allows us to extend the range of our services to the field of Big Data systems. The Big Data paradigm can deal with extremely large volumes of information quickly and efficiently, making it very attractive for HPDA applications (High Performance Data Analysis). These applications constitute the point of convergence between HPC and Big Data models, as they can run tasks with such large data volume and algorithmic complexity that they require the use of HPC resources.
Finally, we also design and develop solutions in the field of data storage. To do so, we advise our client on the most appropriate model (SAN, NAS, DAS) and the file system that best suits their needs. We have experience in parallel file systems which are tailored to design easily scalable solutions both in space, bandwidth and IOPS.

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