UC3M is a young dynamic university striving to improve society through high quality teaching and cutting edge research. The University aspires to excellence in all its activities, with the aim of becoming one of the top universities in Europe.

UC3M is currently conducting research in various HPC themes including  cross-layer optimizations of HPC storage I/O stack, parallel file systems,  I/O acceleration of scientific workflows, auto-tuning of parallel I/O based on machine learning, dynamic monitoring of HPC infrastructures, convergence of HPC and Bigdata software stacks, and resource allocation elasticity in HPC and clouds. As part of this efforts, UC3M is leading the COST Action IC1305 entitled “Network for Sustainable Ultrascale Computing” (NESUS, www.nesus.eu), with more than 70 institutions from 40 countries all around the world. Besides that, UC3M is actively involved in the standardization of the C++ programming language (representing Spain in the ISO C++ standards committee) while the language evolves to natively support both concurrency and parallelism.

UC3M has also successfully led European FP7 Project REPARA (www.repara-project.eu) and participates in H2020 project RePhrase (http://rephrase-ict.eu/). Both projects address the programmability for parallel systems with special attention to heterogeneous architectures. Active topics in this area include new and legacy sequential software refactoring for parallel systems, software partitioning and mapping, identification of parallel patterns and transformation to multiple programming models, improvement in detection of race conditions. Another area of interest is the development of run-time support of high-level parallel patterns that can be mapped to a diversity of computing  elements.

All the former knowledge has been applied to several scientific and industrial areas, such as fluid mechanics, reconstruction of 3D medical images, big data analytics, finance, or simulations involving complex systems . As a result, UC3M has strong relations with a portfolio of major European laboratories and companies in areas such as Informatics, Bioengineering or Aerospace.

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