"The Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas (FORTH) is Greece's top-ranking Research Centre: with its 1200 people, it is internationally acknowledged in basic and applied research, in developing applications and products, and in providing services; it has excelled in all three national evaluations so far (2000 - 2014). The Institute of Computer Science (ICS) of FORTH, with its 3-decade history, has 350 people in 8 Laboratories. ETP4HPC membership is through the Computer Architecture and VLSI Systems (CARV) Laboratory, with its 60 people; CARV has made fundamental contributions in computer architecture, hardware design, systems software, and parallel programming for scalable multiprocessor systems."

FORTH-ICS, one of the six Institutes of FORTH, has more than three decades of internationally competitive R&D contributions across the fields of Information & Communication Technologies, as well as of academic and industrial cooperation.The CARV Laboratory of FORTH-ICS works since the late 80's in architecture, hardware, and systems software R&D, with fundamental contributions in interconnection network architectures, in cluster computing, and, more recently, in scalable systems, in runtime systems, in parallel programming and applications, in storage and I/O subsystems, and in infrastructure services engineering. CARV expertise includes the design, implementation, and test of dozens of innovative FPGA, ASIC, board, and System Software prototypes. Moreover, CARV promotes research, development, and education in the design and implementation of Computing Systems. It develops state-of-the-art prototypes, infrastructures, and innovative technologies that aim to stimulate entrepreneurship and impact the industry.

HPC specific activitiesFORTH-ICS has active R&D across HPC topics from hardware, middleware, interconnection networks, file systems and storage, to systems software and big data:

  • In Scalable Architectures, as far back as 1993-95, workstation clustering prototypes were designed and built, in the Telegraphos ("remote write") project, which pioneered user-level RDMA-based communication. In the last 8 years, FORTH-ICS works on cost-efficient multiprocessor communication and in scalable parallel processing.
  • In Interconnection Networks, FORTH-ICS pioneered, since 1986, per-flow backpressure and congestion tolerance, weighted round-robin scheduling and fair queuing, and more.
  • In Storage and I/O Architectures, FORTH-ICS has built two large scale working prototypes, currently used for further research: a scalable distributed storage prototype and a 10-Gbit/s communication subsystem and SAN (storage area network) prototype.
  • In Runtime Systems, contributions are in dynamic extraction and scheduling of parallelism, locality management, scalable software-managed coherence, and integration with programming languages and models.
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