ARM: On the Road to HPC (Mont-Blanc Project), January 16-17, UPC, Barcelona

From 16/01/2017 to 17/01/2017


ARM: On the Road to HPC


Started in 2011, the Mont-Blanc project leverages the fast growing market of mobile technology for scientific computation. During the project, several ARM-based computational platforms have been deployed and configured as production systems for HPC. Also, a complete software stack has been developed and consolidated in order to allow the execution of most complex parallel codes. The Mont-Blanc project has paved the way for enabling ARM in HPC and with this event the Mont-Blanc project wants to promote and encourage the exchange of experiences and knowledge amongst all the major players who contribute to make ARM-based scientific computing a reality.


  • High Performance Computer architectures - The architecture of innovative ARM-based HPC solutions will be presented and discussed.
  • System software ecosystem for ARM - A complete software stack for performing scientific computing on ARM-based systems, including compilers, performance libraries and performance analysis tools is needed to be a valuable solution on the market.
  • Energy efficient solutions - Traditional sensitivity to power consumption of embedded devices together with the desperate need of power efficiency and energy proportionality of future HPC systems will be discussed.
  • Heterogeneity - How to efficiently exploit the increasing number of heterogeneous computational devices that are integrated in modern SoC?
  • Scientific applications - Applications driven machines are most probably not an ideal solution for modern data centers, but how to run old and new codes on modern parallel systems?
  • Resiliency - Can we really survive with system noise and hardware failures on future large exascale systems, or should we fight them?


  • Get a comprehensive view of the ARM-based platforms available on the market.
  • Understand and promote the current coverage of the ARM system software ecosystem.
  • Discover the contributions of the biggest players that are contributing in making ARM technology key for the future of HPC and datacentres.
  • Create connections among scientists, technologists, engineers and companies gravitating around emerging technologies for scientific computing.

Target audience

  • ARM SoC manufacturers, integrators and providers - The privileged position gained by the Mont-Blanc project during these 5 years of activity allows to gather, besides the industrial project partners ARM and Bull, several industrial players that have shown increasing interest in the ideas of the Mont-Blanc project.
  • End-Users - Members of the Mont-Blanc End-User Group as well es other companies that have shown their interest during the Mont-Blanc project in testing the ARM based solutions deployed in the past 5 years.
  • Academic and research entities - Starting from the Mont-Blanc partners, the event will involve other H2020 projects adopting ARM as compute platform, PRACE members, data centres and universities.


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Registration is free of charge. Please fill the registration form before 15 Dec 2016.

Scientific committee

Mateo Valero
Jesus Labarta
Eduard Ayguadé
Miquel Moreto
Marc Casas
Leonardo Bautista-Gomez
Filippo Mantovani

Local committee

Filippo Mantovani
Renata Gimenez

Event Place: 

Aula Master, UPC Campus (Barcelona)

  • confirmed
    Internal ETP4HPC event
  • to be confirmed
    Internal ETP4HPC event
  • external
    External organisation event
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