ETP4HPC set up and moderated a Bird-of-a-Feather session 'Can fast be green? Opportunities and challenges for Europe when making HPC sustainable'

This event gathered 37 attendees, including five of the ETP4HPC team. First, Franz-Josef Pfreundt of Fraunhofer showcases the processor technology being developed by the European Processor Initiative project as an example of a solution in which the European HPC expertise of the provision of energy efficient technoloy (both hardware and software) could serve other IT areas. Daniel Cesarini of Cineca introduced the challenges associated with running a HPC site and application development. 

The discussion was moderated by Maike Gilliot, Andreas Wierse with a significant contributuon of Pascale Rosse-Laurent. The role of the ETP4HPC White Paper on this topic was emphasised.

Some of the questions and consclusions to be addressed are:

  • Reusing the heat generated to heat cities (what about the summer?)
  • Wind turbines as an example of where supercomputig could be located
  • Focusing on making computing efficient rather than the efficiency of energy sources
  • Reusing gear made obsolete by other companies
  • A holisitic approach - how to get everyone onboard?

The slides used are available here

And here's an article on our BoF in HPCwire!

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