Maguay is one of the leading Romanian IT companies, with the background generated by 26 years of successful experience on the market.



  • Maguay is one of the leading Romanian system builder of computer systems: servers, storage, notebooks, PCs, marketed under its own brand;
  • As a software developer, Maguay provides its own software applications;


Maguay is also a leading integrator of complex IT projects - able to implement and deliver hardware and software "turnkey" solutions by ensuring the quality of service and support.

Maguay clusters are design together with Intel solution architects based on Intel HPC Data Center Specialty in oder to ensure hardware allows appropriate workload balance such as CPU, memory, storage, and network bottleneck analysis.

Maguay integrate the latest Intel architectures and technologies to provide optimal performance and power consumption for the lowest cost. Maguay has 5 IT engineers involved in HPC Business located in Bucharest.

Out teem conducted various performance testing during last 3 years in order to deliver 512 server nodes to CERN.

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