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SAIVER was founded in 1959 and has been manufacturing high quality Air Handling Units for more than half of a century now. The Series A1 Air Handling System is the culmination of experience over the years together with continuinuos improvement through extensive Research and Development process.


Today, SAIVER design and build mission critical AHUs expecially for the Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Industrial, Data Center, Commercial, Airport markets, and deliver them in more than 44 countries in the world, being recognised as a technology and quality leader.

SAIVER, since 2009 has developed an innovative proprietary and “self contained” Prefabricated Modular Data Center solution with unparalleled energy saving performances.

One of the specialized SAIVER Prefabricated Modular Data Center solution is the “Prefabricated Modular Supercomputing Facility”, designed for HPC, which exhibits a PUE of 1.03 or even less for air cooled HPC equipments.

Today, the SAIVER “Prefabricated Modular Supercomputing Facility” is the house of many Supercomputers located all around the world, some of them are also named in the Top500 list ( as the greenest Modular Supercomputers in the world.

The SAIVER MDC solution is 100% prebuilt and tested at the SAIVER factory, and then supplied in transportable modules that are delivered and assembled at the customer site in just some hours or in few days.

Starting from 1 rack and growing up to tens or hundreds, the SAIVER solution is the perfect choice for universities, research centers, private companies or government organizations that are facing the need to build micro, small or large Supercomputer facilities but have budget constrains.

Since the design of the MDC is based on the specific needs of the HPC equipments (cooling, power, safety, security) and because the SAIVER factory has a large capacity production, the Prefabricated Modular Supercomputing Facility can be up and running in less than 14 weeks from the order.

Compared to a traditional brick and mortar approach, the SAIVER lead time is tremendously short, thus eliminating the risks of misalignments between the facility arrangements and the rapid changing HPC equipment technology that has to be implemented.

Its intrinsic modularity and self-containment, allows a dramatic reduction of the CapEx needed for the facility construction compared with the traditional brick and mortar approach, while the ergonomic engineering of the structure, tailored on the specific HPC equipment needs, together with the implementation of high efficiency proprietary cooling techniques, reduce the OpEx and the maintenence costs, down to the lowest levels in the Industry.

A number SAIVER “Prefabricated Modular Supercomputer Facilities” are currently housing Supercomputers located in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, for MW of installed power, saving our customers millions of Euros in electricity and water bills, and saving our Panet tons of CO2 and millions of liters of potentially wasted water.

For more information or a factory visit please contact:

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