ParTec Headquarters in Munich
ParTec Headquarters in Munich
Office at Jülich Supercomputing Centre
Office at Jülich Supercomputing Centre

A founding member of ETP4HPC, the ParTec Cluster Competence Center GmbH (ParTec) is specialised in the development and support of a comprehensive suite of Cluster management tools and a runtime environment specifically tuned for the largest distributed memory supercomputers in existence today and beyond.ParTec’s unrivalled expertise in developing Cluster software includes a self-developed ParaStation MPI and tools like GridMonitor and HealthChecker.

ParTec’s unrivalled expertise in developing Cluster software includes a self-developed ParaStation MPI and tools like the ParaStation TicketSuite and ParaStation HealthChecker.

In conjunction with professional services, consultancy and support, ParTec was elected as the partner of choice in some of the leading HPC sites across Europe. For more than a decade, ParTec has been a strong general purpose Cluster specialist in the German and EMEA HPC market. It is privately owned and has its head quarter in Munich, Germany with branch offices in Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Jülich.

  • ParTec’s ParaStation ClusterSuite is extensively used in production environments, e.g. on the  most  successful  JuRoPA 2  cluster  system  at  Jülich  Supercomputer  Center  with 308 TFlop/s  of  sustained  performance  and  92 %  Linpack  efficiency  (ranked  no. 10  in  the June 2009 TOP 500 list) as well as in experimental environments like the QPACE project. ParTec  is  the  chosen  partner  for  the  co­design  and  the  support  of  the  Juropa3  and JuropaTEST cluster systems as well for the JURECA general purpose supercomputer (ranked no. 50 in the July 2015 TOP 500 list).
  • Together with the Forschungszentrum Jülich and Intel GmbH, ParTec is one of the partners of the ExaCluster Laboratory (ECL) developing new promising HPC architectures and prototypes to enter the Exascale era.



  • In the DEEP and DEEP­ER projects ParTec participates as JUELICH’s partner through its resources located at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre. In DEEP, the main contribution of ParTec is  focused  on  the  operation  system  and  middleware  of  the  DEEP  System,  with  particular emphasis  on  the  Booster  part  as  well  as  the  Cluster  components. In DEEP-ER, the  main contribution  of  ParTec  includes  the  development  of  a  multi­level  checkpointing abstraction  layer  and  the  implementation  of  application­based checkpoint/restart  software.  In addition, ParTec supports JUELICH internally in both projects with the communication between the partners, the quality control process of the deliverables, and the preparation of reviews.


ParTec is member of major European and worldwide research consortia (e.g. ETP4HPC, PROSPECT e.V., EOFS, and exascale10) to contribute to the development of the next Petaflop architecture of supercomputers, and beyond, towards Exaflop computing paradigms.

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