Arctur is actively involved in HPC and Cloud service provision. Arctur offers HPC and Cloud services to different business partner across Europe ranging from Academia researchers to industry users and R&D intensive SME’s. Arctur’ s infrastructure was built according to our own specification and includes both a HPC and a Cloud platform. The HPC infrastructure includes more than 1000 Intel processor cores with Infiniband interconnections and both NFS and Lustre storage capacity.

HIGH PRIORITY computing: Arctur can assure you the deployment of your tasks in 24 hours to give users the results they need in the shortest amount of time. High priority jobs can be assisted by a team of system administrators and support personnel. The main areas of HPC usage are: various numerical analysis, CFD, Weather and climate analysis, aerospace, life sciences, visualization and rendering.


In the HPC field the main efforts are devoted to developing own HPC infrastructure, the majority of the effort has been concentrated on:

  • Development of an universal platform for HPC use by SMEs,
  • Parallelization techniques for various advanced algorithms for HPC use,
  • High performance interconnection networks design with emphasis on low latency and high levels of distribution,
  • Development of highly distributed parallel storage systems for HPC applications,
  • Development of own deployment and administrations systems for Grid infrastructures,
  • Joint development of geographically distributed GRID systems,
  • Development of various highly parallelized computer algorithms for computations in different engineering fields,
  • Big data acquisition and analysis from various arrays of sensors in rural areas.

The main efforts in Cloud development have been devoted to:

  • High automation of Cloud platforms deployment,
  • Hybrid HPC Cloud development,
  • Universal accessibility of Cloud and HPC resources,
  • Cloud non-relational big data databases.
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