Some Photos taken along our way....

Closed workshop on HPC Vision, 28 June 2018, Frankfurt


ISC18 (24-28 June 2018)


Who said there was no diversity in ETP4HPC? Ladies-only session on our booth!

24 June, 2018 - HPC Vision workshop in Frankfurt


Our speakers: Dan Reed, Rick Stevens, Satoshi Matsuoka, Dirk Pleiter, Al Gara, Marc Duranton, Jesus Labarta

More pictures here 

Teratec Forum 2018 (19-21 June) near Paris

Our dream team is welcoming visitors on the ETP4HPC booth, while Jean-Philippe Nominé presents an overview of HPC in Europe in the plenary session.


8th ETP4HPC General Assembly,  Intel/Leixlip, Ireland, 12-13 March 2018


Presentation by Dr Gustav Kalbe, European Commission

Frank and Hugo cast their votes! 


  ETP4HPC Birds-of-a-Feather Session at Supercomputing 17,                14 November, Denver, Colorado 



ICT Proposers' Day (cPPP Discussion) 9 November 2017, Budapest


EXDCI Final Conference during Annual ACM Europe Conference 2017, 7-8 September 2017, Barcelona



 ETP4HPC Member Networking Cocktail/Dinner, 6 September 2017, Barcelona


SRA 3 Working Group Final Review Meeting, 10 July 2017, Zurich                                                                                                


E-Cam (CoE) Exascale State of the Art Workshop, 6-7 July 2017, Barcelona


EXDCI Technical Meeting and BDVA & ETP4HPC Joint Workshop, 3-4 July, Bologna       


 ETP4HPC at Teratec Forum 2017, 27-28 June, France



ETP4HPC at ISC 2017 - 19-21 June, Frankfurt


 ETP4HPC workshop on 'Industrial Use of Extreme-scale Demonstrators' at ISC 2017, 22 June 

European HPC Summit Week 2017, Barcelona

EXDCI Workshop, EHPCSW17, 15 May 2017





PRACEdays17, EHPCSW, 16-18 May,   Barcelona


SRA 3 Round-table, EHPCSW17, 18 May, Barcelona   



SRA 3 Workshop - European HPC Summit Week, 19 May, Barcelona


CompBioMed meeting on Cloud & HPC in Biomedicine, 27 April 2017, London


39th ORAP Forum, 28 March 2017, CNRS, Paris


Digital Day 17, 23 March, Rome


Study visit on Big Data, 21-22 March 2017, Brussels


ETP4HPC  7th General Assembly, 21 March 2017, Munich                             



Launch of ETP4HPC's New Visual Identity             



New Member  Presentations


             SRA 3 Kick-off Meeting, 20 March 2017, Munich


BDEC 2017  Closed Workshop, 8-10 March 2017, Wuxi, China

HPC User Forum, 28 February to 1 March 2017, Stuttgart 


SME Working Group Workshop, 7 February 2017, Haarlem-Amsterdam

ETP4HPC Birds-of-a-Feather Session at Supercomputing'16 on behalf of EXDCI

13-18 November 2016, Salt Lake City



E-CAM General Assembly, 7 November  2016, Paris-Saclay, France

Ideal-ist Workshop:Inside cPPP-ICT Proposers' Day 2016, Bratislava

Dr.Kalbe of EC HPC & Quantum Computing Unit met ETP4HPC on the occasion of his BSC visit, 23 Sept, Barcelona

Steering Board Meeting, 23 September 2016, Barcelona


ETP4HPC EsD Integrators Workshop, BSC,  22  September 2016, Barcelona


Big Data Value Association (BDVA) at BSC, 21-23 September, Barcelona



ETP4HPC at Teratec 2016 Forum, June, France


Jean Gonnord, Vice-chair of ETP4HPC, awarded the '2016 Simulation Personality' Trophy, 29 June, during Teratec 2016 Forum

 ETP4HPC at ISC'16

 20-22 June 2016,Frankfurt



2nd EsDs Discussion at ISC'16 Workshop, 23 June 2016, Frankfurt


ETP4HPC at BDEC 2016 Closed Workshop,

16-17 June, Frankfurt



European HPC Summit Week,  9-12 May 2016, Prague                     


 EsDs Workshop, 12 May 2016, Prague


Presentations and discussions


ETP4HPC General Assembly

15 March 2016, Barcelona


Two generations apart...

Fresh copies of issued SRA 2, November 2015

HPC Information Day 2014

cPPP signature

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