1st ETP4HPC webinar: Discover the Transcontinuum Initiative



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ETP4HPC launches a series of regular webinars. We will start with two webinars in June/July to share what we would normally have presented at ISC, and then as of  September we will find our regular pace with monthly webinars.


The inaugural webinar will take place on 19 June  from 11am to noon CET. It will focus on our Transcontinuum effort, which is a cooperative follow-up of our work on the Strategic Research Agenda.





- Welcome by the ETP4HPC chairman


- 3 new members introduce themselves (5 minutes each)


Today meet the University of Padova (department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering ), their spin-off M3E and DLR, the  German Aerospace Centre.


- Discover the Transcontinuum Initiative


“After the SRA comes the SRA”, our expert Michael Malms is fond of saying – meaning that as soon as an edition of our Strategic Research Agenda is out, you need to think of the next edition. It’s true again of the 4th edition of the SRA that was released in March 2020.

SRA 4 placed HPC within the context of “The Digital Continuum” spectrum. Its preparation was more collaborative than ever, involving partners in BDVA, HiPEAC, AIOTI, BDEC and other entities representing related technologies, as we believe that the most important challenge of European HPC now is to serve the development of the Digital Continuum, i.e. the unison of HPC and related technologies.

To pursue in this direction, ETP4HPC now coordinates the Transcontinuum Initiative, reaching out to all stakeholders of the European Digital Continuum, with the ultimate objective to jointly propose synchronised research actions. In this webinar, Michael Malms will explain how 6 European Associations / Networks of computer scientists are working together to identify concrete Research & Innovation areas that require interdisciplinary action.


With two members of the Transcontinuum team, François Bodin and Zoltán Horváth.


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