ETP4HPC Extreme-scale Demonstrators Workshop – 12th May 2016 - European HPC Summit Week, Prague

by invitation only.

Prague, 12th May 2016, 9am - 3.3pam

Within the European HPC Summit Week, (

Orea Hotel Pyramida, Bilohorská 24, 169 00 Praha 6, Czech Republic - Room 7/'Labe'.

Image courtesy of Bull Atos Technologies.

ETP4HPC (the European Technology Platform for High-Performance Computing,,) would like to invite representatives of the following organisations and projects:

  • FETHPC and other European HPC Technology projects
  • Centres of Excellence in Computing Applications
  • SRA Working Groups of ETP4HPC,

to take part in a workshop in order to define the process of implementing the Extreme-scale Demonstrators projects. This event will take place on the 12th May 2016 in Prague, as part of the European HPC Summit Week. This is a closed workshop – by invitation only. Please contact our Office for any further details.

The Extreme-scale Demonstrators (EsDs) are HPC system prototypes built out of the technologies produced by the European HPC technology projects (and other technologies available on the market, if needed). Their objective is to verify the preparedness of the technologies available for the delivery of complete and competitive European HPC systems. In the current Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) of ETP4HPC (available at: - its Chapter 8 defines the basic principles of the EsDs.

This workshop is organised by the EXDCI project. As its objective, the ETP4HPC team would like to involve all European HPC Eco-system stakeholders, i.e. the developers and providers of HPC technology (including potential system integrators of the EsDs), application communities, infrastructure providers and representatives of the European Commission in a discussion on the following topics in relation to the EsDs:

  • The main technical EsD characteristics and performance targets
  • Defining a suite of challenging pre-exascale problems to validate the EsDs instances, together with examples of possible  applications
  • The options for funding and project implementation (including a detailed timetable)
  • Identifying potential parties interested in participating to the EsD calls

The aim of this workshop is to provide key input for the preparation of the EsD Calls for Proposals that the ETP4HPC will suggest for Work Programme 2018/19. It will also be an opportunity for the stakeholders to network and interact.

There will be an EXDCI Workshop on 9th and 10th, involving the same participants. We are expecting the participants to present their projects/organisation at this event and then take part in a discussion on the EsD at our workshop.

The workshop will be preceded by conference calls and other communication, aiming at preparing the event and further work.

This is the Agenda of the Workshop. It is a 9am start and a 4pm finish and the room is 7/'Labe'.

HPC Technology Projects, Centres of Excellence in Computing Applications will provide presentations on their opinion of the proposal and their potential contribution to an EsD project. This is the timetable of these presentations and we also have abstracts of some of them.

Main Presentation by  ETP4HPC

Presentation Break down

Presentations by HPC Technology Projects

1 - Jose Flich of UPV, MANGO

2 - Riccardo Rossi of CIMNE, NUMEXAS

3 - Etienne Walter of Bull (Atos), Mont-Blanc 3

4 - Thomas Fahringer of University of Innsbruck, AllScale 

5 - Mark Parsons of EPCC, NEXTGenIO 

6 - Tomasz Piontek, Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center, ComPat 

7 - Yannis Papaefstathiou of Synelixis Solutions Ltd, ECOSCALE 

8 - Denis Detoit of CEA, ExaNoDe 

9 - Peter Hopton, Iceotope, ExaNeSt - Cooling and Power

10 - John Goodacre, University of Manchester, ExaNeSt/ExaNoDe/ECOSCALE

Presentations by Centres of Excellence in Computing Applications

11 - Peter Bauer of ECMWF, ESCAPE, ESiWACE

12 - Erwin Laure, KTH, BioExcel 

13 - Jesus Labarta of BSC, POP

Other Presentations

14 - André Brinkmann of Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz, European Open File System Initiative (EOFS)

15 - Jean-Thomas Acquaviva of DDN, Extreme-scale Demonstrators

16 - Eric Van Hensbergen of ARM Ltd, Various

17 - Piero Altoe of E4 Computer Engineering, PRACE-3IP PCP

18 - Muhammed Akif AGCA, MEMCA Project

19 - Dirk Stroobandt, EXTRA Consortium Proprietary

*All Presentations (grouped)

These are the notes taken during the Interactive Sessions together with the summaries presented by the facilitators of the discussion groups.


There will be a follow-up workshop at ISC'16 - on 23rd June 2016.

The presentations of the 2016 EXDCI Workshop are now available online.

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