A strong European HPC Technology Value Chain will strengthen the European economy and accelerate scientific research

Courtesy of Barcelona Supercomputing Center - www.bsc.es

There are a number of reasons why the provision of European HPC technology (i.e supercomputers produced in Europe, out of European know-how) would benefit the European economy and science:

  • Europe consumes around 1/3rd of all HPC resources in the world, but only produces around 5% of the supercomputers installed
  • HPC is a fast-growing industry and European suppliers should be able to participate in this growth - Europe has the skills needed to produce globally competitive HPC technology and achieve leadership in a number of areas (e.g. low power computing)
  • European scientists and companies have specific needs that should be addressed by European suppliers in order to facilitate economic growth and academic research
  • Europe should have independent access to HPC technology in order to rely on other competitive regions

Image courtesy of Bull Atos Technologies.

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