FOR ETP4HPC MEMBERS ONLY - 8TH ETP4HPC GENERAL ASSEMBLY, 13th March 2018, Entrance IR5, Intel Facility, Leixlip, Co. Kildare (near Dublin), Ireland (with a dinner on 12th)

From 12/03/2018 to 13/03/2018


Post-GA news: These are the slides used at the event, the Intel keynote by  Eamonn Sinnott and these are the results of the Steering Board elections.


The 8th ETP4HPC General Assembly (GA) will be held on 13th March 2018, at Intel Ireland's Leixlip campus in County Kildare (near Dublin). The main objective is to elect a new Steering Board - only FULL members can vote and be elected but the GA is for all members.


This is the final Agenda.


The timing is 9am – 4pm on 13th March 2018 and the location is IR5 Reception Entrance at Intel Leixlip.


There will be a dinner for all ETP4HPC members in the evening of 12th March (the night before) in Carton House Hotel the Intel facility - the dinner is on ETP4HPC.  There will be a technical workshop for all members in the morning of the same day (Tue, 13th March) before the GA (starting at 9am). We are also organising an Intel Factory tour.

There will be a Steering Board meeting in the afternoon of 12th March 2018 and the newly elected Steering Board will have a short meeting after the Steering Board elections.

Directions - The Intel Facility and the Hotel (where the dinner and the SB will take place and where we have pre-booked some rooms) is near the M4 motorway west of Dublin. To get there from the Airport, drive out towards City Centre, Belfast (M1) and M50, follow signs for M50 Southbound on a huge roundabout, drive south on M50, after a bridge (and toll cameras - you might need to pay the M50 toll over the internet) take the first exit for The West, Galway/Westport/Sligo, drive west following M4, take exit 6 for Leixlip (west - it will be the second exit for Leixlip and there will be a brown sign for Carton House Hotel), turn for Leixlip and you will arrive to Intel and the Hotel is somewhere there, too.

Some other important information:

A. Please register asap here if you have not - you will NOT be able to enter the Intel facility if we do not have your name.

B. BUSES - there will be TWO buses bringing GA participants from Carton House to the Intel Facility (entrance IR5) and then one bus going to the airport OR the other bus back to the Hotel - please check the agenda for the departure times. People travelling to the airport after the GA will store their bags on the bus - please pick the Airport bus (they will be signposted) and leave your bags there for the duration of the meeting.

We need to know which bus you are taking in the afternoon. Please reply to via email and let us know - are you taking the Airport Bus (leaving 410pm sharp, travel time around 1hr) or are you going back to the hotel (430pm)?

C. TAXIS - We are NOT in a position to book taxis for you if you want to leave earlier or later. Below is a list of the local taxi companies provided by Intel. Please bear in mind that you need to book your taxi in advance (not all of them are based in the vicinity) and IR5 will be the pick up point (Intel is huge).

Lynx Cabs                           00 353 1 473122            This is the preferred Intel Taxi Company, sometimes they have taxis close by but often may have to come from the city
Maynooth Taxis                00 353 1 6289999             Local and reliable
Manor Cabs                       00 353 1 6293596            as above
Pats Cabs                            00 353 1 6247500           as above

D. Another note on rental cars - we encourage you to take the buses provided or use other means on transport. Parking your own car at the Intel Facility is a complicated process (because of security issues, the number of spaces needed for Intel employees, etc.) that unfortunately we cannot facilitate on the day (it will be a very busy day). We apologise if this is inconvenient.

E. If you are a new member (i.e. if you joined since our last GA - there was a separate email about it) and if you want to present (1 slide. 2 minutes), please send me your slides asap (unless you have done so).

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